First Voyage of the Gilded Sailfish

First Voyage of the Gilded Sailfish

Contribution: All

First Voyage of the Gilded Sailfish is a virtual escape room in which the player is on a steampunk-style submersible that has been sabotaged, and they have an hour to repair the various broken systems within the ship to make it operational again.

It was made as a marketing piece for the escape room I worked at, which has since closed down. It was created from scratch with Blender models, textures in, sounds in Audacity, and put together in Unity. I already had experience designing physical escape rooms, and putting that together with my game dev experience was a fun experience. It was a good programming challenge in that each interactive puzzle required a completely new interface and new code, like the working dial combination lock, lights out puzzle, mirror puzzle, etc. It’s missing some art embellishment and audio and visual polish, but is playable from start to finish and tracks how long it takes the participant to solve.

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