Lusus Naturae

Lusus Naturae
Game Modification Workshop class assignment

Contribution: Programming, Art, and Design


Download Link:


Lusus Naturae is a game in which the player controls two entities- a silhouetted fox with WASD and an orb of light with the mouse.  The fox controls like one would expect from a modern platformer, with some momentum and with wall jumping.  The orb can be clicked and held to charge up and then released in a powerful explosion, which serves several purposes.  The orb can be used to catapult the fox in the air as a form of double jump, clear obstacles in the environment, or scare away enemies in the player’s path.  The game was an interesting challenge because it was my first attempt at programming a physics-heavy platformer.  It was one of my first projects as the lead programmer, and I’m very proud of how it turned out.

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