Super B Squad

Super B Squad

Contribution: Programming and Design



Super B Squad is an accesible physics-based tactics game in which the player controls a team of 4 superheroes with distinct powers and manipulates them to overcome a variety of mission objectives and enemy types.  Super B Squad is being developed as my final senior Capstone project at DePaul University.  It is a tactics game without a grid and without stats- it is up to the player to use their abilities well to defeat the enemies.  Many of the abilities feature active action components, such as stopping a power meter to determine an ability’s strength or aiming abilities like one would aim a “skillshot” in a MOBA. It has been a very interesting case study in designing characters that are fun to play individually, but work even better as part of a team.  Tonally, we want the game to be similar to 90s and early 2000s ensemble cartoons, like Ninja Turtles or Teen Titans.  We are currently pushing to make the IndieCade submission deadline in May.

The game is being developed in Unity, with Flash and Photoshop being used for the art.

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