Break Out Or Die Hard

Break Out Or Die Hard
DePaul Class Assignment- Game Development II

Contribution: Art, Design, Production

Prototype video:

Completed Winter 2015

DieHard UI Mock-up

Break Out Or Die Hard is an adaptation of the movie Die Hard in the style of Atari Breakout.  Rather than just bouncing a ball around the screen, the ball is a reticle.  When the reticle is over an enemy, the player hits space to shoot a bullet from the paddle location to the reticle location, trying to hit the enemy.  The player must also dodge enemy bullets, which makes for some frantic multi-tasking.  The game features a variety of weapons and enemies that mix up gameplay.  The goal of the game is to reach the top of the skyscraper and stop the terrorists, and the player must clear rooms of enemies to progress farther up the tower.  If the player dies or runs out of ammo, they drop down a floor and must repeat it.  The game was developed by a team working in Gamemaker Studio with art done in Photoshop and

Die Hard logo

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