Treasure Guyz

Treasure Guyz
Global Game Jam 2015 submission

Contribution: Art and Design



Treasure Guyz is a 4 player competitive treasure hunting game, where four players try to find their character-specific treasure on the map and return it to the starting point without getting stopped by the other players.  My contributions to the project included modeling the characters and treasures, texturing the characters and treasures, rigging and animating the characters, recording and editing audio, and working closely with the programmers to make design decisions about player interactions and mechanics.  Programs I used include Maya, Photoshop, Audacity, and Unity.  A notable skill I learned was using Maya’s Paint Skin Weights tool to make character rigs I could animate with great detail.  I became much more comfortable with exporting FBX files from Maya to Unity with embedded media and baked animations.

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