Get Home Safe!

Get Home Safe!

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I made Get Home Safe! as an assignment for my Art Games class at DePaul University.  The idea behind the game is to explore the state of bar culture, and point out how hard it can be for women to do what they want on a night out without being set back by pushy men.  The gameplay is structured as follows: the player is assigned a random objective.  These include Get a Drink, Use the Bathroom, Look in the Mirror, Dance, and Sit.  Upon completing an objective, the player’s mood state increases.  Pushy men walking around the bar will run into the player and cause their mood to go down.  If the player can outpace the negative mood effects and reach the highest mood, they are given one final objective to Go Home.  The player can then leave the bar and the game ends.

The game was developed entirely in Unity, with all art made with Unity primitives.  This was a fun challenge artistically, using cubes to convey as much meaning and detail as possible (I’m especially proud of the umbrella drink and the cheeseburger towards the bottom of the bar).  Sound was edited in Audacity and textures were edited in Paint.Net.

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